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2019 Winner of Marinus Smith Teaching Award from the University of Colorado, Boulder

Sciences Po Bordeaux, "Sarah Sokhey, Ph.D., Visiting Professor at Science Po Bordeaux: Faculty Mobility and Online Teaching in the Time of Covid-19," May 4, 2020

Teacher of the Year, Department of Political Science, University of Colorado Boulder, 2021

Resources for Undergraduate Students at the University of Colorado

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RESEARCH: Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) at CU (Apply for money to do research with faculty. NEXT DEADLINE: FEBRUARY 14, 2020)

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"The Exciting World of Undergraduate Research: Methods & Results"

On October 17, 2019, six undergraduate students at the University of Colorado—Ian Hogg, Brian Iraheta, Kavya Kannan, Cameron Love, Kevin Ordonez, and Ayomi Rajapakse—presented their findings about how authoritarian regimes invest in higher education.

Classes Taught

Undergraduate classes

Introduction to Comparative Politics

Russian Politics

Central & East European Politics

EU and Central & East European Politics

Graduate Courses for M.A. students

Russian Politics, short course (cours d'ouverture), Sciences Po Bordeaux

Graduate Seminars for Ph.D. students

Comparative Political Economy

Comparative Political Institutions

Dissertation Writing Seminar

Teaching Political Science Seminar

Work Co-Authored with Students

Students Names Indicated with a "*"

Joseph B. Schaffer*, Sarah Wilson Sokhey, and A.Kadir Yildirim. 2019. "Classy Behavior: The Big Political Role of Small Business Owners,” Comparative European Politics, Vol. 17, Issue 1 (February): 22-48.

Amy Liu, Megan Roosevelt*, and Sarah Wilson Sokhey. 2017. “Trade and the Recognition of Commercial Lingua Francas: Russian Language Laws in Post-Soviet Countries," Economics & Politics, Vol. 29, Issue 1 (March), pp. 48-68.

"This is Why the West Should pay Attention to the Drama in Macedonia," Washington Post, May 29, 2017 (with Danilo Gjukovikj*)

“Party Promises: What Politicians Offer When Governing Institutions Are Poor,” with Danilo Gjukovikj*. We examine how the perception of governance quality influences the content of party manifestos in relation to social policies including education. Being drafted.

“Authoritarian Investments in Higher Education,” with Jeffrey Nonnemacher*. We use data from official government news sources to evaluate how and why the authoritarian regimes of Russia, China, and Singapore choose to invest in higher education. Presented at the Southern Political Science Association conference in January 2020.

“Undergraduate Research Opportunities: Reflections on Summer Coding Project,” with Jeffrey Nonnemacher*. Presented at the Southern Political Science Association conference in January 2020 and nominated for the Malcom Jewell Award for best paper authored by a graduate student.

Pedagogy: My Work Promoting Better Teaching

Tips & Tricks for Teaching

Tips &Tricks for Teaching is a project that I completed as part of my participation as an ASSETT Faculty Fellow.

Session 1 - Intro to Tips & Tricks along with info on Discussion Techniques, Mini-Simulations, and Current Events Coverage

Note: For future online "sessions" I will be recording the topics above separately as short videos so that faculty can quickly access the topics in which they are most interested.

Tips & Tricks for Teaching (Intro Session) - Video

Tips & Tricks for Teaching - PDF

Session 2 - Recorded Lectures

Tips & Tricks for Teaching (Recorded Lectures) -Video

Tips & Tricks for Teaching (Recorded Lectures) - PDF